What a great week so far at Foundations for Recovery which provides a faith based approach at addiction recovery – So today I had an opportunity to share this morning what exactly this means….Faith Based Recovery gives us an opportunity to accept diversity….since opening the doors at the Foundation we have experience many different walks of life…( faiths, sexual orientation, etc. ) and although we may have our differences the common thread is Recovery — our direction as Recovery Coaches is too lead the participants to a stronger sobriety program and in so doing the participant reconnects with their faith….some programs call it their Higher Power, I choose it to call it my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…..however the cool thing about faith based recovery is the participant is given suggestions through the peer mentoring relationship coaching approach to seek it out for themselves – it is the grace, mercy, compassion and forgiveness that is demonstrated through “experientially qualified” coaches — we love until those struggling in addiction can begin to love themselves –so if you can take a moment and spare a thought for us—–pray for us that God will continue to give strength to our participants , love through our coaches and for those who can, finances — thanks again my friends