Dear Foundation Friend:

Thank you for your donation to Foundations for Recovery.  How awesome it is that God has blessed us with financial partners who have a heart for helping those trapped in addiction for you are a vital part of the ministry.

I wonder as you read that headline “Over 65% of American families are affected by addiction to alcohol or drugs” what came to your mind? Are you or someone you know part of that alarming statistic?  If you continue to read the article it states the following:

“Addiction to either alcohol or drugs has been a serious health concern that most people are uncomfortable to admit.  Individuals who suffer from it spend years, and often, a lifetime trying to deny they have a problem.  Family members of the addicted person try ignoring, reasoning, yelling, crying or shunning their loved one, but seem to suffer as much…..” (May 20, 2010

When I read this statistic my first impression was that I felt the percentage was low.  Why?  Because at the Foundations for Recovery this past year the number of those seeking help from their addictive behavior has doubled since opening our doors last year.  This is why I believe we need to continue our efforts in offering the excellence in one on one peer mentoring recovery coaching to those who are suffering.

However, at the Foundations for Recovery our clients are not a statistic that you may read about in an article.  THEY ARE REAL!  It is so REAL that drugs and alcohol abuse causes damage in so many different walks of life.  It does not discriminate in whom it tries to destroy.

Your support has enabled us to help people like John*, a man who has been in and out of treatment (court ordered or not) for years.  He found himself walking through our doors but only after experiencing a divorce and two prior DUI’s.  But has John puts it; “I came to the Foundations for Recovery wanting help over my (addictive behavior) drinking, what I found was someone that truly cares, I found not only a recovery coach but a friend. “  As you read this John will be celebrating 4 months of sobriety and continues attending his weekly recovery coaching meetings.  The transformation that is happening in John’s life is only the beginning and we are excited to be a part of it.

We need your Help! So, remember as you make your donation today you help thousands more like John, but you also help to provide healing to families damaged by addiction.   (*denotes name changed for anonymity)

Doug Gould – Executive Director