OK my friends, As you know I am ON A DIET! In the past 71 days I have been able to drop 65 pounds. Why all of a sudden the change? It all started when I was speaking with a participate about their use of drugs and the continual relapsing that was happening in his program. As I began to share with him my suggestions about his program, I believe I had one of those “God Shot Moments.” The words in which I was attempting to convey to this young man was being echoed in my thoughts about my food addiction. Therefore, I made the decision right there to take my own suggestion. This began my new journey. Therefore I need your support as I have taken the challenge to participate in this years Pear Blossom 5k Run. As you know I always look for ways to raise funding for FFR. So I have decided to create my “One Man Jog-a-thon” in hopes to bring awareness in our community that in fact there are many types of addictions. So, will you help me with my challenge and pledge your financial support in helping FFR raise $ 2000 per kilometer (THAT’S $ 10,000.00). Simply contact the offices at FFR (541)-292-2050 and provide us your pledge along with your address and we will send your confirmation. Or click on the attached website address and complete your survey form.  Remember your gift is tax deductible and the funding will help FFR continue to bring hope to many in our community wanting freedom from their addictions. Thank you

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