I took Juno my dog to the new Hawthorne Park the other day to check out the new surrounding and saw something incredibly interesting…although most of the smaller kids were involved in creating their own fun among the playground equipment, I saw some Parents along with some JR High School children totally oblivious to the beauty of the day or the enjoyment of the laughter coming from the playground….In a recent article entitled; ” Teens spend a ‘mind-boggling’ 9 hours a day using media, report says” – it was noted that some youth check their social accounts up to 100 times a day…. This concerns me, why? Because we are developing a false “validation” of identity and losing our basic skills of “communication.”.

social networkingI am not sure about you but when I make eye contact with another individual it provides me a sense of support knowing that my feelings are being acknowledged.

The article continues and states the following; “Texting is so much less empathetic than having a conversation in person and looking somebody in the eye and having physical or at least a verbal presence with them.”

What I find humorist with this heartfelt message is that I have to use “social network” to get my point across. Don’t get me wrong I believe that “social networking’ can be a valuable tool in getting your message out. But I need to remember that a face to face conversation is even better. Thanks for listening and have a blessed day.