Hey friends, I was at the courthouse yesterday to support one of our participants and although his case got delayed (God’s got this) I ran into one of our participants who informed me that he will be completing the Dad’s program here in a couple of weeks. I noted to this young man that he absolutely looks incredible and after we finished our pleasant exchanges, he said that he would be calling FFR to complete his treatment program.

Life Will Never Change QuoteWhy am I describing this encounter this morning? Because it was 2 years ago that this young man originally came through the doors of FFR, and although he stumbled in his own recovery, the seeds of faith that was planted in his life over 2 years ago and now coming to growth.

But the growth only comes through making the right “choices” and by taking a “chance” to forget the old friends, the old environment and the old behavior, when we in recovery can do that, we “change.”

So, if your finding yourself still walking in the status quo in your recovery give us a call, we’ll help you along your pathway to recovery which of course is taking that chance to change by making the right choice.

God Bless