If I do pledge where do my funds go to?

(They go to help us change a life from addiction and restore families, but also to provide help to these services of FFR.)
1) One on One Recovery Coaching which includes addiction treatment and prevention services (Men and Women Program)
2) Peer Mentoring which involves step studies, transportation, basic skills, job assistance
3) Family/Marriage & Relationship Counseling
4) Outpatient Services – relapse prevention planning
5) Youth Mentoring Program- Step Up, Speak Out, Stand Firm
6) Community Outreach which includes Drive Out Drugs Festival, Prevention Coalition, Project Community Connect, Leap of Faith, JCMH Recovery Fair and more
7) Office Administration

So please my friends, this is why I am so passionate about asking for your support because we are changing lives and restoring families. So whatever you can give just know that your gift helps us support that person seeking freedom from addiction.

Thank You


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