Good Morning,
Well unfortunately getting a call in the early morning hours is becoming all too familiar. Yet again my reply seems so empty compared to the pain and anguish I hear from the families hearing the news themselves.

In the news recently it was stated that every 12 minutes there is an overdose reported in the United States.

So what is happening? Why does this number seem to be increasing? Well, let me begin this exhortation with my thoughts on the mentality of how we are viewing treatment. So here it is….to me it appears we have lost the art of good old fashion counseling.

I have always said “it’s ok to glance at your pass just be careful not to stare.” But my point is this, unless we address the pain and or trauma related occurrences that we have experiences and possibly holding a resentment too, we can never feel the freedom to move forward.

Forgiveness of one’s behavior and those who have behaved badly toward us is the beginning of healing. Our faith in God teaches us this. It is also what Bill W. has taught us when he said, “Resentments are the number one offender.”

Addiction behavior is just a symptom, not the cause.

But what do we do in the professional arena regarding someones emotional instability? We treat the pain of emotion with, get ready, (pause for dramatic effect) another chemical. We are so quick to throw medication at the problem when the real issue may be resolved with an idea that is actually working. It’s call Peer Mentoring Services. It means to have someone that was once caught in the web of their own additive behaviors to come along side of that hurting individual and offer support along their pathway to recovery. Going to meetings and working the 12 steps…in other words…good old fashion one on one counseling.

Now before I get cards and letters including emails, please know this. I am not fully against the idea of using medication (temporarily/short term of course) for treatment.

I am however “ticked off” to see highly addictive drugs to treat highly addictive drug use. What? Yep!
Again I embrace the concept that it’s not my pathway to recovery but the individual. And although I may not fully agree with their choice of pathway, I can and am willing to support it. I do this to build the trust of the relationship and when this occurs, perhaps then we can address the pathway.

However I honestly must tell you that when I get a call at 1am in the morning from a concerned Mother informing me that their daughter is in the ER, I begin to wonder if I am doing enough.

The bibles says to “Be not weary in well doing, for in due season you shall reap if you faint not.” Galatians 6:9

I ask you this morning that if you’re able, say a prayer for us at FFR so that we can continue to grow in our services. Please pray for our clients and coaches as well as the increase of financial support.
Why? Because since writing this post it’s already been 12 MINUTES

….and another family is just getting the news!