The-Phone-Call-No-Mom-Wants-To-MakeTHE PHONE CALL:

Tonight I am asking for a huge request as I need everyone that I know to take a moment and pray. Tonight I received yet again “The Call” that I pray daily I won’t get.

“Hi Doug, this is __________ but I wanted to let you know that we lost our daughter to heroin overdose tonight”

As I attempt to console her my sorrow overtook me, then anger because this young girl in her early 20’s was given every opportunity that a Mother’s love could give her.
But unfortunately free will does not mean free from consequences. The “lie” that it will never happen to me is just that.

I asked the Mom if I could share this and she said these words to me; “please feel free, perhaps we can save someone through it.”
So my friends, through all the inspirational words I give, the fundraising efforts, the dinners we plan, the support groups we offer and the one on one recovery coaching we provide, this ADDICTION IS REAL and it’s killing those we love.

So, if you’re reading this and find yourself struggling in addiction wake up and start examining the choices your making, why?because the next one could either give you life or bring you death.

We at The Foundations for Recovery are here to help, please call 541-245-4673. We also need you to help us continue offering peer support services to our community in becoming a “Friend of the Foundation” with our monthly pledge. We are looking for 25 for $ 25.00 which is only .83 cents a day. Please consider in helping us at FFR continue to take the message of HOPE to our community.

Thank you,