Hey Friends,

Recently I was conversing with a new participant at the Foundations for Recovery when he made a comment regarding his struggles with addiction behavior. During our conversation he described his frustration on his several attempts at sobriety by stating this comment; “Doug, you have no idea what I have been through, does God really care about wanting to help me?” I immediately sensed his hopelessness and of course his fear, but at that moment I began to look beyond the comment and decipher that their was more to his story than he was not telling me. So, I did what any normal counselor, mentor, therapist, sponsor or clergyman would do, “I answered his question with a question.”

“What make you doubt that God does not care about you?” I asked. That question instantly brought a stillness to his demeanor. He then leaned forward in his chair and replied, “because I have started so many times wanting to get clean and live a normal life but I just see no way out.” I smiled briefly and as I organized my thoughts I began to recall the numerous times I hid in isolation of my own home while suffering with my addiction to alcoholism thinking the exact same thing. As he sat with his head down I began to explain from my own recovery that although I may have never experience what he was going through, I am sure that as long as he fixed is eyes on the past he would never move out in the present. I continued to share my experience, strength and hope to this young man and even offered to have prayer with him, we he politely agreed too. I shared that God’s Love and Mercies are new everyday and the Grace that God shows we would never deserve. But because God loves us so much he is willing to show if only we ask.

So in closing I hope as you read this that you remember these words, “As long as you fixed your eyes on the past, we will never move out in the present.” The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 4:18;
“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

If you need any help to overcome your addiction please know we at FFR are here to help support and guide you along a pathway to recovery. In the meantime, keep trying to fix your eyes on how big God is and not how small you may feel right now, why? because loves you.