Hey Friends,
We at the Foundations for Recovery are now accepting reservations (seats are limited) to our upcoming educational training series entitled “Learn 2 Hope.” Our November class features an in depth look and understanding of the 12 steps of Alcohol Anonymous.
We are excited at FFR to secure our special guest Ron Dunn Ron Dunn (Owner of “The Coop de ville” for this incredible teaching. Come learn firsthand as Ron takes you through each step of provides insight on the meaning of each. This 9 hour training will surely provide you with the necessary information to apply the 12 step experience into your life and help other experience that same.

I have taken this course through Ron twice and each time I learn something new about how Bill W. systematically provided a pathway to recovery. Seats are limited to 20 so you will need to call and reserve your seat today at 541-245-HOPE (4673)