Last Sunday I experienced one of those “this is why I do what I do at FFR” moments. While attending the Ministry Fair at Westminster Presbyterian I was approached by a ten-year-old girl who came up and started looking at all the material on the table. I asked her if I can help and the answer I received was not what I expected. This young girl asked me “Is this a place that helps people get off drugs?” I replied yes and asked if she knew someone thst needs help, she replied and said yes “my mom and my dad both use drugs that’s why I love with my grandparents”.
This 10 yr old took a brochure and a business card and said that she was going to give this to them the next time she talks with them.

Are you aware that 2.7 million children live with grandparents due to addiction behavior. Over 8 million children live with at least one parent caught on addiction and foster care homes is at its highest since 2008.

Please take a moment and not only pray for this going girl but all children today that are collateral damage due to addiction. Remember my friends we at FFR not only help those individuals out from the grip of addiction, but the families as well that suffer from it.

It is moments like this I reach out to our community and ask if you would be so willing to be a “friend of the foundation” and become a monthly donor. For more Information about FFR or to financially support our efforts please go click on “Support FFR.”

Thank you