We are so excited and thrilled to announce that Scott & Michelle Ashpole will be taking over as leaders of FFR’s Parent & Family Member Support Group beginning Monday October 2nd.

Over the last 2 years FFR has been providing support to families in our community that have loved ones caught in addiction. Due to the overwhelming growth of this service, we felt the need to provide our families added support.

Scott & Michelle bring with them a wealth of experience as well as first hand knowledge in this area, as they know what it feels to have a loved one caught in addiction. They fully understand the struggles of letting go, enabling, communication and the fear of losing of a child to addiction.

Therefore “ANCHOR OF HOPE” will officially become our new name for our Monday Nights. If you or a family member suffer the pains of a family member’s addiction lifestyle, then we encourage for you to come Monday Nights beginning October 2nd at the offices of FFR.

Anchor of Hope is a parent and family member support group offered through the Foundations for Recovery in Medford, OR. This group exists to bring healing and hope to those who are affected by a loved one struggling with addiction. We seek to provide education, information and encouragement in a safe and supportive environment. We strive to grow in understanding that addiction affects the entire family and by finding ways to help ourselves, we will be healthy enough to help our loved one. Our focus is on gaining courage, strength and perspective for this journey.