Every 11 minutes we lost a life to Opioid Overdoes in the United States
This past October we at FFR lost a dear friend to the grip of addiction. Although Michelle was clean and sober when she passed, the years of abuse took a toll on her body and unfortunately the damage was not able to be repaired. I had the wonderful privilege at Michelle’s request to interview her about her story of recovery. Although Michelle knew that her outcome could be tragic, her desire was to have the opportunity to tell her story. So with cell phone in hand I walked into the ICU and recorded her story. I was amazed at the strength behind her voice and she shared about her drug use but I was even more amazed when she shared with me on how her life of addiction began. The story began with her at the age of 15 and feeling like she didn’t belong in certain groups and therefore someone close to her offered one pill of Oxycontin. She noted that she was afraid of pills but was told “that this would make her feel better.” So, as she puts it, “I only took 1/2 of the pill” but that 1/2 pill soon started to become more and more which led into a life of Heroin use and eventually Meth over the next 10 years. Although she stated she had moments of periodic sobriety she always felt her overwhelming need not to feel.
This story of Michelle’s is all too common in the area of what we do at the Foundations for Recovery and we often say that addiction is not the cause but only the symptom. When I finished interviewing Michelle I promised what she asked me to do with her interview which is; “I want to let my family know and my son how much I love them and let others know not to go down the same road I traveled.” So with that, I have decided to use Michelle’s story for what I hope to be a nationwide movement called “Lighting A Candle For HOPE” so that others can hear the message and come out from the shadows of their addiction into the light.
So please I encourage you to join me and my friends at the Foundations for Recovery and lets begin this Christmas Eve and spread a message of HOPE to those who find themselves caught in addiction. Here’s what to do:
Take a moment this Christmas Eve and share a message on Facebook – say a prayer and even make a donation to one of our amazing non-profit organizations in our community. Let’s “Light a Candle of HOPE”

Foundations for Recovery #LightingACandleForHope – December 24, 2017

1) Anytime during the day on Christmas Eve take a few minutes and light a candle of Hope
2) Take a short video of your time and post it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, ext. with your message of remembrance and a positive word, message or prayer to those still find themselves struggling in the grip of addiction.
3) Tag someone to do the same and together let’s spread HOPE throughout our community, please remember to honor confidentiality and anonymity.
4) Believe that your message of HOPE will bring many out from the shadow of addiction and into the LIGHT.
5) Take time and make a Christmas Gift donation to your favorite local nonprofit and challenge someone else to do the same.
If we are able to save one life out of addiction and death then all our efforts and words of encouragement will not be in vain.

God Bless You and Merry Christmas