Felt like I needed to share this…

Titled: “God is Speaking….Perhaps you’re not Listening.”

I know I shouldn’t be surprised that those who have never felt God in their lives would want to mock those who say that we have. This certain tv personality thinks it’s humerous to call those that “hear” from God mental, even taking a shot at our Vice President. I find it strange that this individual goes on her daily tv show and speaks about love and tolerance but in the same voice mocks that in which she doesn’t understand.

I personally have never heard the literal voice of God. But I would like you (The View TV Personality) to know that I have heard God through other avenues.

Such as the person who drove up early one morning (2am) to Roxy Ann Mountain and stopped my suicide attempt when I was 19.

Or the person that helped me on the side of the road when my car broke down.

Or the people that took time to mentor me in music, children, Youth and Family Ministries. (Friends are Friends Forever)

Or the person(s) who show kindness and blesses my life through financial and prayerful support.

I also hear God through music, nature and yes animals (including 2 Alaskan Malamutes). Dont misunderstand me….I don’t worship these things that God has blessed me with, I worship the God that has offered me these blessings.

I hear God through the acts of kindness of others such as Little Tom, Tim, Big Dave, Rick, Ron and Steve who gave me their gift of recovery.

I hear God through people at church, work and yes my recovery meetings.

I heard God in 2000 when I collided head on with a truck and was in traction for a year without walking.

I heard God during the lost of my Dad and Mom in 1997 and heard God through lost of my dear friends through the years.

I hear God through the people you mock that suffer with Mental Illness and or ADDICTION and or both.

I hear God through all the wonderful organizations and the services that they provide in our community to help those with addiction.

…..and I’m hearing God now as I write this

Perhaps who mock a person’s personal experience with God because you yourself have never had a personal experience with God.

I would recommend Steps #1, #2 and #3 but most of all….slow down and take a look around you…why?

Because God is speaking…perhaps you’re not listening.