God is Good…Sitting here waiting have coffee with a friend in recovery and a gentleman walks by that initially looked familiar to me. As he continues to walk he stopped at the corner, turned around and smiled. He was tall with a full beard but although at first I didn’t recognized his smile, the eyes told me who it was.

It was 5 years ago that this young man walked through our doors at FFR at the Old Woolworth Building. He was man broken and without HOPE but we continued to meet even though he was still using meth. However his addiction escalated and unfortunately he was placed in jail. I continued to meet with him through the glass partitions hoping my words would take hold.

Well my expectations for his life did not meet up with reality and we lost contact. Then 2 years later once again he showed up still caught in the grip of addiction. That meeting only lasted a week and once again he was gone.

UNTIL TODAY….Tears filled my eyes as he stood their telling me that he now has over 3 years clean, working 2 jobs and he has his children back. I told him how proud I was of him and we hugged it out. As he was about to leave he said whenever I thought I wanted to try again my words came to his mind…”keep trying because your worth it”

WOW…..Keep planting those seeds of HOPE, because you never know when you’ll see the harvest.