Dear Friends, (click on the above photo to access the Mail Tribune article)
In 2013 I had a vision to bring a “recovery festival” to our community with one main purpose, to show others that recovery is possible. In times like this when most of the news is filled with the negative stories of what addiction creates, it is nice to see that our community is beginning to embrace the positive. We at the Foundations for Recovery want so much to change the tone on how we view and speak about those who may still find themselves struggling with addiction. We must continue to bring the Message of HOPE to our community. This is hosting our 5th Annual Recovery Festival is so important to FFR, we must continue to provide HOPE to those who feel hopeless.

I was asked today where I got this idea bringing the community together for one main purpose of celebrating recovery. The answer is simple, through two main sources, Jackson County Recovery Festival and the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR) in Hartford, Connecticut. I saw firsthand how Lisa McCreadie and Susie Wahl along with Jay Wolfman work so diligently each year to bring HOPE to our community.

Then I had the opportunity to meet Phil Valentine the Executive Director of CCAR through my own Peer Support Training and saw firsthand what can happen when you bring a community together and to show others the “Faces of HOPE.” To show others that recovery is possible and that change can happen. This year CCAR celebrated their 19th Annual Recovery Walk at the Bushnell Park in front of the State Capital in Hartford and over 1000’s people came out for one main purpose, to show others “what recovery looks like.”

That is my desire as Executive Director for Foundations for Recovery, to show all of Southern Oregon “what recovery looks like.” To show the parents or family members that have loved ones caught in addiction. To show the Mom, Dad, Son, Daughter, Husband, Wife that recovery is possible. To show those that support FFR monthly that their giving is not in vain. So please, if you have a moment say a prayer for FFR along with 27 other local agencies who are coming together to show our community “WHAT RECOVERY LOOKS LIKE.” .