Author: Doug Gould

Road to recovery for ‘Sloths’ team includes Pear Blossom 5K

By Buffy Pollock for the Mail Tribune Posted Apr 4, 2018 at 5:48 PM Updated Apr 4, 2018 at 6:07 PM MEDFORD — Huffing and puffing, clutching their mid-sections and whimpering about sore knees and aching backs, four sweaty men in purple T-shirts caused a scene along Oakdale Avenue Wednesday, sounding more like a medical emergency than “athletes in training.” The self-declared “racing sloths” mocked their own running abilities, but their efforts were symbolic of their road to addiction recovery — and an assessment of how they expect they’ll do in the annual Pear Blossom 5K. They might come...

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Planting Seeds of HOPE

God is Good…Sitting here waiting have coffee with a friend in recovery and a gentleman walks by that initially looked familiar to me. As he continues to walk he stopped at the corner, turned around and smiled. He was tall with a full beard but although at first I didn’t recognized his smile, the eyes told me who it was. It was 5 years ago that this young man walked through our doors at FFR at the Old Woolworth Building. He was man broken and without HOPE but we continued to meet even though he was still using meth. However...

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“God is speaking, Perhaps you’re not listening”

Felt like I needed to share this… Titled: “God is Speaking….Perhaps you’re not Listening.” I know I shouldn’t be surprised that those who have never felt God in their lives would want to mock those who say that we have. This certain tv personality thinks it’s humerous to call those that “hear” from God mental, even taking a shot at our Vice President. I find it strange that this individual goes on her daily tv show and speaks about love and tolerance but in the same voice mocks that in which she doesn’t understand. I personally have never heard...

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